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Featured Artist

Atomic Clock Photography

We are thrilled to launch our Featured Artist program on our brand new gallery wall in the bar/cafe!  Every few months, we will be selecting a new artist to feature their work at Riffraff.  All the art will be for sale as well!


Our very first Featured Artist is Stefanie Boyd-Berks!


About Stefanie Boyd-Berks:


 Stefanie Boyd-Berks is a queer artist, wife, and mother living and working in Providence, RI. Boyd-Berks' work delves into the layers of identity. Now mother and spouse but with an ever present connection to the identity of youth: daughter, rebel, individual. Parts of us lay dormant in adulthood but still define us because of how they have shaped us. How does the angst, fear, sexuality and wildness of youth exist alongside the order, structure, domesticity, and responsibility of being grown? The things we aren't supposed to discuss as adults that are always nagging from within. Some of these thoughts are wholly conscious and some exist in our subconscious. Boyd-Berks' paintings investigate the complex interplay between the past and present identities that define us. Evoking the wildness of youth through imagery, within the tedium of embroidery symbolizing the order of adulthood.