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Time Without Keys: Selected Poems

Ida Vitale

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Published by:
New Directions
Translated by:
Sarah Pollack
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The celebrated writer Álvaro Mutis envied new readers of Ida Vitale's poetry: "unexpected pleasures await them." Time Without Keys: Selected Poems is the first volume of Vitale's illustrious poetry to appear in the US. The selection spans seventy-five years and the wonders within abound--the skies over Montevideo, falconry, the saxifrage's bloom, gratitude for the alphabet and summer--as do urgent questions about our relationship with the world. How does our perception of time shape history, as well as our social and political constructs? Vitale's poetic and human vitality have made her a storied figure in the Spanish language and beyond; her writing revered for being classic and modern, precise and lucid, intellectually challenging and rich in tradition. This bilingual edition, presented in reverse chronological order, offers the reader both a wide range of Vitale's most beloved poems, as well as a wealth of recent work. The translator Sarah Pollack, Vitale's first translator into English, has written an informative afterword about Vitale's life and work.